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1) Having a candle light dinner inwhich you open up to all your feelings about one another

2) Spending the whole day together just lying on the coach doing nothing but having eachothers presence.

3) Putting sticky notes all over the one you care about's car stating why you love them so much.

4) Getting the one you love roses

5) Writing a song about the one you love and singing it to them when they are having a bad day.

6) Making them breakfast in bed and letting them chose what you do the whole day as long as it meant the two of you being together.

7) Writing a poem book to the one you care about expressing the greatest moments the two of you have shared with eachother.

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Although Genes actions arent always very likable he would probably be considered the of A Separate Peace?


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If you are a male, or a female, for that matter, and you had/ have romantic and/ or sexual attraction to both genders, you would be considered a Bisexual individual

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Beethoven would be considered to be right on the turning point between classical and romantic, creator of a new era one may say.

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if you were to pull down the other persons pants as to day it would be considered as a threat to fad]opgjadfgj[dioafjgio[dfguj5893-ty85y1ujoifdjk;gh

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Atmosphere is the overall emotional "feel" of a story. You establish that by a combination of setting, tone, and character reaction. For example, let's take a living room as our set. If you have a romantic story, you'd show the lace curtains and soft lighting, and you'd have the characters reacting to one another in a friendly and romantic way. Their dialogue is going to show that, as well as their actions. Your tone would be soft and romantic as well. However, if you're writing a horror story, you'd show the dark corners of the room, the spider's web on the lamp shade, and the eyes in that crack in the wallpaper. Your characters would be worried and afraid. Their dialogue and actions would show that. Your tone in this case would be tense, anxious, and spooky.

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yes she can set up the dates that she thinks are romantic and them make them happen just as if a guy would but this time the guy is going to think this is romantic

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