What actors and actresses appeared in Ev - 1970?

The cast of Ev - 1970 includes: Stromboli as Himself - and Silvia Pickettywitch as Themselves Ena Baga as Herself - Organist The Bee Gees as Themselves Barbara Cartland as herself Brian Colville as Crisp James Cossins as himself Fanny Cradock as herself Johnnie Cradock as himself Ray Davies as himself Dave Dee as himself Dave Edmunds as himself Kenny Everett as himself Vanity Fare as Themselves Cyril Fletcher as himself McGuinness Flint as Themselves Ronnie Grainge as Performer Lance LeGault as himself Ted Moult as himself Gerald Nabarro as himself Thunderclap Newman as Themselves Marjorie Proops as herself The Tremeloes as Themselves Joan Turner as herself Stanley Unwin as himself Maurice Woodruff as himself Enloc Wu as Himself - Pianist