What actors and actresses appeared in Tainted - 1998?

The cast of Tainted - 1998 includes: Micheal Agrusso as Bum Belinda Bonaudo as Waitress Jason Brouwer as Slain Zillah Callen as Bar Extra Tuyen Cao as Caroline Dean Chekvala as Alex Sean Farley as J.T. Jamin Fite as Bar Extra Caryn Hottle as Vampire Woman Eric Jaan as Clyde Kevin Joy as Creepy Customer Tina Kapousis as Adia Jason Krise as Bar Extra Tony Lucchi as Tommy Jeremy McGardull as Bar Extra Darryl Mundrick as Bar Extra Stacey Murphy as Woman Modesty Navarro as Bar Extra Brandon Osborn as Orderly Matthew Parus as Bar Extra Zachariah Ribera as Bar Extra Stephany Slongo as Karen Trish Stroh as Trish Kristy Thoel as Female Customer Carol Thoel as Mom Tim Trevino as Bar Extra Ronnie Walsh as Irwin Derek Warren as Bar Extra Edward Zeimis as Banana Man Catherine Zurek as Bar Extra