What actors and actresses appeared in The Adventures of Tartu - 1943?

The cast of The Adventures of Tartu - 1943 includes: Charles Carson as Arthur Wakefield Robert Donat as Captain Terence Stevenson, aka Jan Tartu Edgar Driver as ARP Warden Roy Emerton as Member of Underground Anthony Eustrel as German MP Officar Valerie Hobson as Maruschuka Lanova Miki Iveria as Female Worker Shot at the Skoda Factory Glynis Johns as Paula Palacek Hubert Leslie as Peter Valek, Shoemaker Contact Aubrey Mallalieu as ARP Warden George Merritt as Agent Martin Miller as Doctor Novotny Phyllis Morris as Anna Palacek John Penrose as Lieutenant Krantz at the Skoda Factory Maurice Rhodes as Danny, the Boy Patient Friedrich Richter as General Weymouth Walter Rilla as Inspector Otto Vogel John Slater as Luftwaffe Man with Coffee H Victor Weske Percy Walsh as Dr. Willendorf David Ward as Bronte, the Underground Pilot Josephine Wilson as Nurse