What actors and actresses appeared in The Keep - 1983?

The cast of The Keep - 1983 includes: Yashaw Adem as Carlos Sean Baker as Wehrmacht Soldier Timothy Block as Wehrmacht Soldier Benedick Blythe as S.S. Commando Gabriel Byrne as Major Kaempffer Michael Carter as Molasar Rosalie Crutchley as Josefia Scott Glenn as Glaeken Trismegestus Peter Guinness as Wehrmacht Soldier Stephen Jenn as S.S. Commando Jona Jones as Otto Phillip Joseph as Sergeant Oster Wolf Kahler as S.S. Adjutant Renny Krupinski as Wehrmacht Soldier Robin Langford as S.S. Commando Ian McKellen as Dr. Theodore Cuza William Morgan Sheppard as Alexandru Robert Prosky as Father Mihail Fonescu Ian Ruskin as S.S. Commando Royston Tickner as Tomescu John Vine as Lutz Alberta Watson as Eva Cuza Stephen Whittaker as S.S. Commando