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Q: What adjective describes someone who is very smart?
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George was very smart In this sentence does an adverb describe an adjective?

Yes. The adverb "very" modifies the adjective "smart".

Does the sentence 'Jacob was a very smart boy' have an adverb that modifies a verb?

No. Very is the adverb modifying the adjective smart.

What part of speech is very in she is Very good?

Very is an adjective. It describes how good she was.

What part of speech is good in she is very good?

Very is an adjective. It describes how good she was.

What adjective starts with v and describes a spaceship?

Very big?

What is a metaphor for someone very smart?

you are smart person

In the book Frankenstein does Frank describes his parents as strict disciplinarians?

no he describes them as being very smart and poor

Is very a pronoun?

No, very is an adverb or an adjective.Examples:That is a very sad story. (the adverb 'very' modifies the adjective 'sad')You've pushed me to my very limit. (the adjective 'very' describes the noun 'limit')

Is art an adjective?

no, it is a noun because each of adjective can be added by word " very" before the word. for example; very beautiful, very good, etc..

What is discriptive adjective?

No, but descriptive is. Descriptive means describing as in "He gave a very descriptiveminute by minute account of his adventure"

What does paramount mean?

The term of paramount is an adjective that describes something of supreme or very high importance.

How do you use the word very in a sentence?

The word VERY means greatly or extremely. VERY is mainly used to further explain an adjective or adverb. It virtually always directly precedes the word it modifies.In this sentence: "I ran my lap very fast," VERY is an adverb that describes the adverb FAST.In this sentence: "John is very sick" the adverb VERY describes the adjective SICK.