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Well, Air Force became a well respected independent branch of all fighting forces of the world, and the word "air superiority" first fully cemented n WWII. In the first world war, Air Force was more or less an extension to Army. WWII was the first time large scale military maneuvers were planned using AIr Power.

Also, innovations & combat doctrine also began in WWII....namely night fighting, airborne artillery (one *can* argue C-130 type gunships shares conceptual heritage w/ the Stuka of WWII) are some of the advancements I can think off rite off the bat. Let's also not forget jet propulsion (Arado/ Me262) and radar which also made its entry during WWII.

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Q: What advances in technology were made in World War 2?
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What were some technology advances during World War 2?

the two advances were the aircraft and the tanks

What were the technological advances between world war 1 and world war 2?

One of the most advanced pieces of technology made for war in that time period was the M1 Garand. It was a great piece of technology in that time.

What does not represent advances in technology during World War 1?

E2020: U-BoatWorld War 1 was known as the "War to end all Wars". There were many things within the war which did not represent advances in technology. For instance, digging of a trench was not an advancement in technology, as that has been done for hundreds of years. Hand to hand combat also does not represent an advancement in technology.

What military advances were made in world war 1?


How did advances in military technology contribute to the stalemate that developed in Europe during world war I?

Armies were unable to capture much territory, as it was defended by troops with machine guns.

Why did president Woodrow Wilson call World War 1 a mechanical game of slaughter?

This was due to the advances made in technology such as the machine gun , artillery and tanks .

What advances in technology made civil war battles deadly?

Idgaf I needed to know this answer for social studies homework

How did World War 1 affect the design industry?

Everyone made new weapons and machines which improved the technological advances made by the world after the war.

What advances in technology made war more terrible than it had been in earlier years?

The weapons made it easier to kill more and quicker!

Would you have had the technological advances without World War 1?

The advances in military technology like gas masks and the tank wouldn't have occurred until later. However, the absence of World War I, and thus World War II, would have had no effect on things like computers and microwaves.

What role did technoloy play in World War 2?

Technology advances hugely in every war. In WW2 it made better radio, radar, atomic weapons, faster fighters, bigger bombers, and better vehicles.

What made World War I much more deadly than previous wars?

During World War 1, advances in technology, such as the gasoline-powered engine, led the opposing forces to use tanks, ariplanes, and submarines against each other.

What are the contributions of science and technology to world war 2?

Some include radar, computer technology, jet propulsion, medecal advances, rocket technology, weather data collection and reporting, nuclear technology and the list goes on.

What were some important events in World War 1?

Trench warfare and attrition of the enemy forces by artillery fire. The advances in technology wich made the aircraft & the tank weapons of war. The Russian Revolution, all of these & more were important in WW1.

Was there more advances in world war 1 or world war 2?


What significant advances in rocketry were made in World War 2?

The Germans developed the V1 and V2 rockets.

What were the technological advances that made World War 2 different from previous wars?

In World War 1 they had air planes that can't be detected, but in World War 2 the British had made a radar to detect German air planes flying.

What were Some of the new technology in world war 1?

World War I is significant because it marked the debut of many new types of weapons and was the first huge war to benefit from technological advances in radio, electrical power, and other technologies

What technological advances made during the cold war?

*Outer space technology(satellite,man at the moon) *Cell phone *faster airplanes *Smooth Weapon

What advances were made during the Civil War?


What were the advances in technology in World War 1?

The Chinese invented the chopsticks, while the English invented the wheel, however, the most important invention was the invention of your mother

What kind of vehicles were used during world war 2?

Many civilian vehicles were modified for military use and many specialist vehicles were invented. Tanks in particular made rapid advances in technology in WW2. This war also gave the world the Jeep and efficient all-wheel drive trucks.

Name two advances in military technology that were used in the civil war?

Ironclad warships and Rifle

What were the technology and tactics in World War I?

theres no technology in world war 1 lol :)

How did advances in military technology contribute to the stalemate that developed in Europe during World War?

Armies were unable to capture much territory, as it was defended by troops with machine guns.