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Aquatic animals have water to support their bodies so their is no limit to how big they grow.

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Is scorpion an aquatic species?

Back in prehistoric times, the scorpion was an aquatic creature. Over time, it evolved into a terrestrial species.

Why are aquatic biomes more common than terrestrial biomes?

Aquatic biomes take nearly over 75% of its surface

What are the similarities between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem?

in both terrestrial and aquatic environments the ecosystems include communities made up of a variety of species,within both terrestrial and aquatic communities there are populations at the different trophic levels,a great deal of mutual interdependence exists between species in both terrestrial and aquatic environments,in undisturbed terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems equilibrium is reached, i.e. very few major changes are observed over a period of time,in both ecosystems stratification (vertical zonation)occurs.

What advantage over an aquatic organism does a terrestrial organism have with regard to obtaining oxygen for respiration?

water fast

What are the advantages of satellite systems over terrestrial communication?

Satellite systems do not suffer from local interference or terrain.

What is the heaviest terrestrial animal?

The African elephant is the largest and heaviest land animal alive today. It can weigh over 7000 kilograms.

Is a pipe fish an animal?

Yes. It is an aquatic animal that lives underwater. There are different breeds of it like the ghost pipe fish. There are over 200 breeds of it.

What is the worlds largest non mammal aquatic animal?

Probably the whale shark, Rhincodon typus, which can grow to over 20 tons.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of animal breeding on the environment?

The advantage of animal breeding is that animals that are close to extinction can be repopulated. The disadvantage of animal breeding is over population of common animal species.

What are the advantages of a cold blooded animal?

i think there isnt actualy any advantage over mammals, but there might be.

What are the advantages of animal husbandry?

Mankind can feed themselves by farming various animals rather than ranging over the prairies.

How can a fossil of an aquatic animal be found in a layer of rock through a mountain about sea level?

it probably died, and the sand and rock built up over the fossil while it was decaying.

What are 2 advantages agar has over gelatin for microbiological media?

Agar is made from vegetable matter - Gelatin is made from animal bones.

What animal has over 2000 bones?

What animal has over 2000 bones?no animal has over 2000 bones

What are advantages of hartnell over porter governor?

advantages of hartnell governor over porter governor

Which terrestrial planet has a day that is over two Earth months long?


What is the Fastest running mammal over distance?

The fastest terrestrial mammal over a sustained distance is the Pronghorn antelope

Advantages of buying goods over internet?

What arn't the advantages

What advantages do corporations have over small businesses?

List two advantages that corporation have over a small business

What are the advantages of PowerPoint over the other presentation methods?

what are the advantages of powerpoint over the other presentation method

What Advantages of voice mail?

what are the advantages of using an email over a voicemail

What are the advantages of using LED's over bulbs?

Maybe there r no advantages

What advantages does the iPod Nano have over the iPod Touch?

No advantages whatsoever...

What plants are in a sea lion's habitat?

The plant life that share habitat with a sea lion varies depending on the region of the world the animal lives. The sea lion is a diverse animal that can be found all over the world. The aquatic plants sharing the ecosystem are what is native to the waters the sea lion is in.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of industrial policy in India?

over all advantages and dis advantages of industrial revelution

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