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Q: What age can kids start using airsoft guns?
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Can kids use airsoft guns?

yes as long as they are under adult supervision

Is it leagal for kids to use airsoft guns in public?

Not sure of the legality, but it is stupid for kids to play in public with real looking guns. Find someone with some private land and play there. Or go to a real field and play in a structured safe environment.

Are airsoft gun good for kids with ADHD?

Probably. ADHD stands for attention-dephicet-hyperactive-disorder as you probably already know. Firing a gun, no matter airsoft or real, gets the heart pumping. And kids with ADHD have hyperness already in them. So the excitement and please from shooting an airsoft gun copes real well with his/hers hyper activity. Email me at if you have anymore questions about airsoft or real guns and their ammunitions.

What are the little green plastic beads you keep finding on the ground outside?

Airsoft bb's. Airsoft bb's are shot from airsoft guns, which are 'play' guns that shoot the little plastic bb's. The bb's come in lots of colors- white, black, yellow, green, pink, even glow-in-the-dark, and some are biodegradable too. Kids and grown-ups have airsoft games, battles, and 'ops', and they are a lot less messy than paintball games. Eye protection is always worn, and protective clothing is recommended.

What Kids toys that start with n?

Nerf toys, balls, toy guns etc.

What is the best airsoft spring pistol for a kid?

The best airsoft spring pistol for young kids are guns that aren't extremely powerful, I'd suggest this gun which is at 235 fps, others will feel it but it won't hurt too bad. This gun may be purchased from Hobby Tron at, this is the title of the gun 'Sprind Tactical TMP Machine Pistol FPS-235 Electril Sight, Silencer, Flashlight Airsoft Gun' also, this guns runs around $15.95.

Can parents buy an airsoft gun for their kids?


Is there any airsoft games for kids?

Not to my knowledge, or at least not very popular. There are a lot of great and popular shooting games, but they are real guns

When was Kids with Guns created?

Kids with Guns was created on 2006-04-10.

Are kids and guns a good thing or a bad thing?

Kids with guns is a very bad thing. Kids could do crazy and harmful things with guns.

Age that kids start using marijuana?


Are airsoft guns llegal in Illinois?

No, at your age you are not allowed to own or use an airgun, toy gun, or BB gun anywhere in Chicago. Replicas of his airguns, which can be confused with real rifles and shotguns, are also prohibited unless used during carnivals (e.g. moving metal to shoot targets such as his duck).