What age did Apollo die?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Apollo is a ageless and immortal Greek god, he did not die.

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Q: What age did Apollo die?
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When and how did the Greek goddess Apollo die?

by old age oveously

How did Apollo the Greek God die?

Apollo is a Greek God, they are immortal. They do not die. Hence, Apollo has not died.

How did Apollo die?

All of the gods were immortal. They, including Apollo, could not die.

Is Apollo still living?

In Greek myth, Apollo did not die.

When did Apollo Soucek die?

Apollo Soucek died in 1955.

When did Apollo Kironde die?

Apollo Kironde died in 2007.

When did Apollo die?

He was immortal to never die

How did Apollo's mother die?

Leto; the mother of Apollo, did not die in Greek Myth being a Titan goddess.

Does the greek god Apollo die?

Since Apollo is a god, he is immortal

How did Apollo the sun god die?

Apollo never died in myth.

Did Apollo die of natural or super natural death?

Apollo cannot die because he is a god and gods are immortal.

What was after Apollo?

If you are speaking about Apollo the Greek God, then your answer is that nothing was after Apollo, he is a God, therefore he is immortal, therefore he cannot die.