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She started singing at age 19.

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At what age Lady Gaga start playing piano?

Lady Gaga, (Stefani Germanotta) Learned And Started To Play The Piano At Just 4 Years Old.(:

How did Lady Gaga become a singer?

Lady Gaga has persued a music singing career for a long time, performing from a young age in clubs and events.Lady Gaga worked for a while as a songwriter at Interscope records, until she her true talent as a performer was discovered.

When did Lady Gaga start performing?

When she was 11. Although she learned how to play the piano by ear at age 4.

How far apart in age are Lady Gaga and her sister apart?

Lady gaga is almost 25 and her sister is 18

When did Lady Gaga start singing?

At a very young age, around 12, she wrote her first song at 13.

What didn't happen during the gilded age?

Lady Gaga,Lady Gaga didnt happen during the gildedage...that isall

How did Lady Gaga start her singing carreer?

Lady Gaga first started of singing in bars and clubs at age fourteen, and by the time she was nineteen, she was writing lyrics for the likes of Fergie, The PussyCat Dolls, and Britney Spears. Akon saw that Lady Gaga had vocal talent, and so he helped to get her signed.

What age does Lady Gaga want to get married?

Well why would anyone know that because lady gaga has her own life and she values her privacy.

What age was Lady Gaga in 1985?

-1. she was born in '86.

What age did Lady Gaga become famuos?

she was 19 when she became famous

When Lady Gaga was younger what did she want to be originaly when she grew up?

Lady Gaga felt she was always a performer, and was singer and dancing in bars at the age of 14. She was always for the music.

Did Lady Gaga go to NYU?

Yes Lady GaGa did go to NYU.Actually she was one of the 20 people in the world to be accepted to NYU art/music program at the age of 17.

When did Lady Gaga first perform?

Lady Gaga started performing in night clubs at the age of 13. Her mom took her, and she soon became a go-go dancer with Lady Starlight. She then became the lady we all know and love today.

How did Lady Gaga start in music?

it all started when she learned the piano at age 4, than she learned to sing and perform at clubs and bars in New York

What age did Lady Gaga Start playing Piano?

I'm not sure exactly, but she wrote her first piano ballad at 13. Heres some more information, hopefully to help you ! http://rashmanly.wordpress.com/2009/05/02/how-did-stefani-joanne-angelina-germanotta-become-lady-gaga/

What is Lady gags real age?

Lady Gaga was born 28 March 1986, so she's 24 as of 2010.

What was Lady Gaga doing at age 7?

Her biography doesn't tell us that information.

Who is more famous David Letterman or Lady Gaga?

For the older generation, David Lettermen. For the younger, Lady Gaga. Overall, in today's day and age, I would have to say Lady Gaga...she's got so much exposure, on tabloids, magazine, the internet, youtube etc. etc.

Is 25 years old a good age to start a boxing career?

yes its a good age to start a losing boxing career.

What age did lady gaga become famous?

nobody knows really so about 25 or30

Has Lady Gaga ever been in another band and what age was she?

If she has been in a band before, I am not aware of it.

Does Lady Gaga want children?

probably not at her age but she would probably keep it to herself if she thought about it

Is Lady Gaga a single child?

no she has 1 sister called Natalie germanotta age 17.

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