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11 to 15 years old

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Q: What age do kids hit purporty?
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What age do boys usally hit puberty?

You can't really be sure I hit it in 5th im in 8th now and I know kids that still haven't hit it

Can kids have babies on Sims bust in out?

Kids in the sims games have never been able to have kids, as their age is considered by most to be prepubescent. in short most consider sims children to have not hit puberty yet.

What is the Legal age of kids watching kids in Colorado?

the age is 14.

Where can you hit your kids?

The modern view is that it is wrong to hit your kids. Indeed in many countries it is ILLEGAL to do this.

Did NFL players play football with kids their age?

Nobody played with kids their age. == ==

Why do kids age fast in soap operas?

They age kids on soaps for storyline purpose.

How many kids have been hit by a car in Michigan?

40%of kids in michiganhave been hit by a car

Why do kids feel sad all the time?

they don't..... until they hit puperty..... but other than that they are (depending on the age) often annoyingly too happy.

Can your moms boyfriend hit you?

NO. FOR KIDS THAT'S CHILD ABUSE. IT CAN STILL BE ABUSE NO MATTER UR AGE. only if you asked for it and even then it would be wrong.

How big is a 12 year olds vulva?

Varies between girls depending on if they have hit puberty etc. Kids grow differently rates at that age.

When do kids hit hormones?

Whenever they hit puberty

Which is the India's Best Kids Newspaper?

The Young World, Robin Age, The Junior Age, Primary Plus, and Kids Age.