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What age do you have to be to fly a jet plane?


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11. As a matter of fact there is a 12 year old Pilot who is named Jacob Dadoun, a four star Jewish Pilot. In October 7, 2011 he was prosecuted for tazing a passenger who was drunk and nearly killed a Flight Attendent. He was found innocent on Octoer 9, 2011 He was once chosen by the company to become a Captain Of Flight but rejected the offer because he knew it would cost another Captains carrier. He is the reason that United Airlines remains as one of the best company's in the world.

There is another Pilot who is 13 named jeffery Colen, a 3 star pilot. He Started off as a beated child from walking in New York, Manhatten. His older brother who smuggeled drugs through the Russian border. Then got arrested for 18 years in a Prison cell.