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Q: What age do you learn to tie a turban?
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How do you tie an African turban?

a print out of how to tie an African headwrap

How can one learn to tie a tie?

The websites Ask Men and Esquire provide good tutorials that will show you a step-by-step process on how to tie a tie. Also, watching a tutorial on Youtube would be an easy way to learn how to tie a tie.

What can you wear that begins with t?

You can wear a tie, toga, tunic, tuxedo, trousers, tank top, tights or a turban. They begin with the letter t.

How can I learn to tie a man's tie correctly?

To learn how to tie a tie correctly you should visit This website has so many detailed articles on different knots you can make and different ways to tie your tie that you are sure to find one that suits the look you're trying to convey.

How you tie you Shoes?

You can learn on YouTube if you don't know how to tie your shoes and nobody's around to help you.

Where can one learn how to tie a tie?

Believe it or not, there is a website built entirely around showing people how to wear a tie. The site, called Tie A Tie, offers step-by-step video instructions on multiple tie knots.

What is the Malayalam meaning of turban?

Turban = thalappavu

What are some things you wear that begin with t?

· t-shirt · tank top · tie · tie-dye t-shirt · tights · toga · top hat · tracksuit · trench coat · trousers · tunic · turban · turtleneck · tutu · tuxedo · toupee

What is a type of headdress starting with tur?

It is a turban.

What is Turkish word for turban?

Turban is a Turkish word.

How tall is Chrissy Turban?

Chrissy Turban is 5' 4".

How tall is Dietlinde Turban?

Dietlinde Turban is 167 cm.