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There's no minimum age and no maximum age. There are of course educational requirements in order to be able to get into different courses and these differ from course to course(and based on citizenship) but no age requirement.

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Trinity College
Hartford, Connecticut

Size (2009)
  • Total undergrads: 2,388
  • Graduate enrollment: 178

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About 17,000 students attend Trinity College Dublin.

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Q: What age do you need to be to attend trinity college Dublin?
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You would need to be studying appropriate subjects for what you intend to study in Trinity College Dublin. You would also need to do well in the subjects you are doing in high school to give you a better chance of being accepted into Trinity College Dublin. Check out what subjects you are interested in doing and what they would require for you to be accepted into their courses. It is an important university, so there is a high demand for a lot of their courses.

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