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Q: What age were people evacuated from?
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How young were evacuated children?

any age !

How were the people in world war 2 evacuated?

they were evacuated by train or by busses

Why was it important for people to get evacuated?

People are evacuated to get them away from dangerous situations. In World War 2, children were evacuated away from London to the countryside. People in the line of large forest fires, or near leaking gas mains are evacuated to safety.

How many people were evacuated in cyclone Tracy?

About 35000 out of 45000 evacuated the city and many people did not come back.

What was the oldest age that you could be to be to be evacuated?

16 years old

Where were people evacuated to after the Haiti earthquake?

They weren't evacuated. Some are still living in tents.

How many people were evacuated for Hurricane Sandy?

Over 55,000 people were evacuated from Jamaica.See the related link listed below for more information:

Why was the people taken out of there country?

People were evacuated (mostly children) as it was deemed unsafe to live. One example of this was when the Blitz happened in London. Over 1,474,000 people were evacuated.

Did babies get evacuated in the world war 2?

They could be but children under a certain age, I think it was maybe two or three got evacuated with their parents but children don't necciceraly have to be evacuated but it was reccomended by the goverment. Hope this helped :)

What sort of people were evacuated?

people who lived in London city

When were the people evacuated in world war 2?

the countryside

What 4 groups of people got evacuated?