What ages take amocklan bid?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: What ages take amocklan bid?
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What does po bid mean?

PO means "to take orally" or "by mouth", and BID means to take the medication twice a day.

What does it mean to place a bid?

To bid means to have multiple people placing different amounts of money on one item. Then the seller take the highest bid.

When you bid on an item on eBay if you don't win do they take the money that you've already bid?

If you bid on an item, but don't win, then you don't pay anything to anyone.

What does the medical abbreviation bid prn nocte mean?

For medications, bid: Take twice a day PRN: as needed So this would mean to take the medication twice a day, as needed.

What happens in Rook when you bid and get more then your rival but not as much as you bid?

You lose that round. In the game of Rook, your bid is an estimate of how many points you expect to win through the tricks you expect to win. Your opponent's job is to take as many point cards as they can so that you don't meet your bid. They don't need to win more tricks or take more points, they just need to keep you from making your bid.

How do you take a horse off howrse auctions if it has already been bid on?

you go to the auction page,display my auction click on the horse up next to the comment place there is a auction pic with a x on it click it

What is the future tense of bid?

The future tense of bid is "will bid" or "shall bid."

Does homeowner of a short sale have to take bid that meets bank price?


What is meaning of bid?

of Bid, of Bid, To make an offer of; to propose. Specifically : To offer to pay ( a certain price, as for a thing put up at auction), or to take (a certain price, as for work to be done under a contract)., To offer in words; to declare, as a wish, a greeting, a threat, or defiance, etc.; as, to bid one welcome; to bid good morning, farewell, etc., To proclaim; to declare publicly; to make known., To order; to direct; to enjoin; to command., To invite; to call in; to request to come., imp. & p. p. of Bid., An offer of a price, especially at auctions; a statement of a sum which one will give for something to be received, or will take for something to be done or furnished; that which is offered., To pray., To make a bid; to state what one will pay or take.

What is the past perfect tense of bid?

The past perfect is formed with - had + past participle.The past participle of bid is bid -- (this is bid as in bid at an auction).He had bid a large amount for the painting.

What is you bid?

you bid

What is the present tense of bid?

bid... it's the same word in the present tense Answer: * The infinitive form is to bid - "I want to bid on the item." * Present tense is bid - "We bid what we can." * Past tense is bid - "They bid $500,000 and got the house." * Present participle is bidding - "He is bidding them farewell." * Past participle is bid - "I have bid all I can afford." (Helping verb required)