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You should see a doctor, however, I have heard of this happening when a person needs to ingest salt.

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Q: What ailment would cause everything to taste salty?
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What medications cause salty taste in mouth?

What medications cause a salty taste in the mouth? My doc put me on Indapamide, which is a diuretic. I developed a terrible salty mouth and had to stop it.

Why does everything even water taste salty?

well noboy know you need to do research

What is putrid is to as salty is to taste?

putrid is to rotten/fermented as salty is to taste.

Is your tongue more sensitive to salty taste or sweet?

It depends on your tongue, cause everybody's taste buds are different.

Does baking powder or soda taste more salty?

yes, when taste it it will taste salty in your mouth.

Why is sweet soy sauce have the property of being vicious?

Cause of its salty taste :P

Do saltwater pools taste salty?

As they are filled with SaltWater, they will taste salty... Like oceanwater

When doubling a recipe do you double salt?

Yes, of course! Otherwise everything would taste half as salty as it was supposed to.

How do you neutralize the salty taste in marinated shrimp?

You can neutralize the salty taste in marinated shrimp by adding red wine to the sauce. You can also reduce the salty taste by placing an uncooked potato in the sauce.

Does NaCl have taste?

Of course it has. It is the salty taste.

How do you remove the salty taste from calamari?

Boil the taste out of it

How does salt taste?


What is the taste of salt?


How do you get rid of salty taste in pool?

TDS (Total Disolved Solids) in general make the water taste salty. Specifically sodium from the chlorine you add. Draining is the only way to get rid of the salty taste.

Why does blood taste salty?

Blood has salt in it. Therefore it tastes salty.

Does sodium chloride taste salty?

Sodium chloride is Salt. It tastes taste salty.

Why does the ocean have such a salty taste?

Oceans have a salty taste because oceans are full of sodium chloride (NaCl) or better known by its common name which is 'salt'. Your mouth is able to taste 'salt' so that's why it's salty.

Why does ketchup taste salty?

It doesn't..

How do you know when sperms is salty?

If you taste it?

How does ejaculatory fluid taste?


Will the salt water pool taste salty?

In the newer pools that use salt to keep them conditioned, the water does not taste particularly salty.

What does cumm taste like?

salty and warm I've heard

What would cause everything to taste and smell strongly of bleach?


What does fish taste like?

Fish can taste a bit salty and mild.

What do clams taste like?

what do they taste like?