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the closest airport to DC is DCA, which is in DC. another close one, which is 15-20 minutes away, is IAD.

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Q: What airport is closest to Washington DC Hilton?
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Closest airport fr white house in Washington dc?

Reagan National Airport.

What airport is the closest to Washington dc?

The nearest airports to Washington, DC are Reagan International Airport (DCA) which is right near town and Dulles Airport (IAD) which is west of town but is the major international airport for the area.

What hotel was Reagan shot at?

Hilton Hotel, Washington DC

What airport do you fly into if you are going to Fed Ex Field in MD?

The closest airport would be Reagan National in Washington, DC.

How far is it anchorage to Washington DC?

4,272 miles (6875.118 km) by car. and 3,369.41 miles (5422.54 km) as the crow flies from Anchorage international airport to the airport in baltimore (closest to Washington DC)

What is the closest airport to FedExField in Landover MD?

The nearest major airport is Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA / KDCA). This airport has international and domestic flights from Washington, District of Columbia and is about 12 driving miles distance from the center of Cheverly.

The busiest airport in Washington DC?

Washington Dulles International is the busiest airport in Washington DC

What are the Airports washingtion DC?

While none of them are actually located inside the city, the Washington DC major airports are Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA), Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI). Reagan is the closest to Washington, with a Metro station on-site.

Code for the Washington DC Airport?

Washington - Baltimore Washington International, DC, USA (BWI) Washington - Washington - All Airports, DC, USA (WAS) Washington - Ronald Reagan National Airport, DC, USA (DCA) Washington - Washington Dulles, DC, USA (IAD)

What president was born near Washington DC?

George Washington was born the closest to Washington, DC.

What Virginia airport is close to Washington DCA?

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) Thurgood Marshall Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI)

What airport do you fly into if you are going to Rockville Maryland?

The closest airport would be Reagan National Airport. There are two other airports in the area of Washington, DC and they are Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia and Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI) just south of Baltimore.