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Q: What all do bactroban cure?
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How do you cure mamaso?

clean and dry the area then apply 3x a day of mupirocin(bactroban) ointment.

Is bactroban for ring worm?

No, bactroban is for prevention of bacterial infections. Ringworm is a fungal infection.

Does bactroban contain sulfa?


Can you use bactroban for cold sores?

Bactroban is not effective for viral cold sores.

Can you use bactroban cream on cats?

You can use bactroban cream on cats but you need to use caution. You do not want to cat to lick the cream off.

Is it safe to use Bactroban on a stiched wound?

I prefer not to, as BactroBan is somewhat sticky and tends to adhere to --- crud. Better if you keep the wound bandaged and don't have to put anything on at all. If you're concerned about infection, betadyne makes for a good topical antiseptic.

Can you get a shot to cure athletes foot?

Unfortunately not. Bactroban acts against certain types of germs, or bacteria, such as those causing impetigo. Athletes foot is a fungal infection and not a bacterial one, so bactroban will have no effect. What you need is an antifungal powder or ointment. You can buy them without prescription in pharmacies, and they are not expensive. if that doesn't work you could try looking at the related source link below.

What is the plural of cure-all?

The plural form of cure-all is cure-alls.

Will bactroban work for impetigo?

yes. it does help alot.

What are the cures for staph infections in the nostrils?

Typically, Bactroban nasal

What is bactroban prescibed for?

Bactroban (Mupirocin) belongs to the class of medications called topical antibiotics. It is applied topically (to the skin) to treat skin infections caused by certain bacteria. Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes are the two most common bacteria it is used for.

When was Cure All created?

Cure All was created on 2007-06-25.