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Q: What all does the dog do in the story Liberty by Julia Alvarez?
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What is the theme of the story names by Julia Alvarez?

Julia Alvarez wrote the story based on herself so it's an autobiography. Names/Nombres is about a girl and her family that moves from the Dominican Republic to New York. She gets frustrated when everyone around her pronounces her name wrong or gives her a different name. A lesson Julia learns is that she might have been Julia, Judy, Judith, or even Juliet to other people, but she knew she would always be Julia to her and her family. Knowing her name helped her accept all the other names she was given. She didn't like the names, they frustrated her but she learned that no matter what people called her she would always be Julia.

What is the conflict of this story dead star?

It is all about between alfredo salazar, esperanza and Julia salas

Who loves narda alvarez?

i Justin bieber love narda alvarez with all my heart

Plot of the white horse of alih by mig Alvarez enriquez?

The plot of The White Horse of Alih by Mig Alvarez Enriquez tells the story of how two brothers attempt to redeem themselves from the shame of being robbed and losing all of their possessions. They believe the only road to redemption involves killing someone and, therefore, being killed themselves.

What is the theme of the poem Woman's work by Julia Alvarez?

The theme is obviously related to "woman's work"/housekeeping which represents domestic life and the role of gender specific roles.

Why did Julia Stoner scream 'It was the band The speckled band'?

First of all, there is no "spectral" or specter or ghost in the story, and she used the term "speckled band" because that is what she thought she saw.

What does liberty and justice for all means?

exactly what it says...... liberty and justice for all....

Why does Paz Marquez-Benitez entitled the story as Dead Stars?

The story was entitle "Dead Stars" to symbolize the love Alfredo had for Julia. At night, we see the light of numerous stars but what we don't know is that some of the stars are already dead. When stars are die, their glow diminishes then eventually vanishes. But for us on earth, it would take a long time for that to happen (consider the light-years it take for the light of stars to reach our planet). In the context of the story, Julia was Alfredo first love, thus young love. All along, Alfredo thought that he loves Julia but at the moment when Alfredo stares at Julia and touches her hand (last paragraphs), he realizes that the feeling has gone. Yes, he fell in love with Julia but his love wasn't something really serious and as I've said earlier, it was young love. It took him a long time to realize that he had no more feelings for Julia.

How many medals hos Julia Hargreaves won all together?

How many medals has Julia Hargreaves won all together.

Where is all hidden package in Liberty City?

in liberty city

Is there any stone in the Statue of Liberty at all?

No. The Statue of Liberty is made up of all copper.

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