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Undeground hot springs.

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Q: What alternative energy sources does the Netherlands use?
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Name the alternative sources of energy that Caribbean countries can use?

The main alternative source of energy that Caribbean countries is solar energy. Another alternative source of energy they could use is wind energy.

What does alternative energy resource mean?

Alternative resource is the new renewable or inexhaustable energy source;includes solar energy, wind, and geothermal energy.

Why is it important that you use alternative energy source?

Because by using alternative energy sources, we cut down on the use of fossil fuels, which are bad for the environment and will run out with overuse.

What is the need of Non conventional machining?

The need for non-conventional machining begins with the need for alternative energy sources. Non-conventional machining requires the use of alternative energy sources including thermal energy or solar energy.

What alternative energy sources do they use in grasslands?

Grassland communities use a lot of wind power.

What does alternative energy mean?

energy derived from sources that do not use up Natural Resources or harm the environment

Does Alaska use alternative energy sources?

Alaska uses wind turbins tosupply alternate energy to the people

What is the two reasons why alternative energy sources may be important in the future?

· To protect against harmful by-products of major sources of energy · To preserve many of the natural resources that we currently use as sources of energy

What is a direct concern stemming from rising global temperatures?

increased use of alternative energy sources. -- A+

Why are people interested in using alternative energy sources?

to stop global warming and to use less energy on there electrical bill

What are the alternative sources you could use to provide energy?

There are many ways in which energy can be obtained, some of these sources could be: Solar Wind hydroelectric solar agricultural geothermal tidal nuclear :)

Why would the use of alternative source of energy be beneficial to the Earth and its people?

It would utilize renewable energy sources and create less pollution