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16th Amendment

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Q: What amendment establish the individual income tax?
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Which amendment empowered Congress to levy an income tax?

The 16th amendment was passed in 1913 to establish Congress right to impose a federal income tax.

What is the amendment in the conatitution that created the individual income tax?

The 16th Amendment to the Constitution

Which amendment gives Congress the power to levy the individual income tax?

Amendment 16

The ''income tax'' amendment?

The Sixteenth Amendment

Which amendment to the Constitution provided the ability for the federal government to collect an income tax from all workers?

The 16th Amendment to the U.S Constitution allows the government to collect the Income Tax.Prior to this amendment, the federal government made an attempt to to create an Income Tax, and the tax was brought to court.The United States Supreme Court ruled that an "Income Tax" was unconstitutional.In response, the Income Tax Amendment was added to the U.S Constitution, making the tax legal.

What is the only legal direct tax which was passed by an amendment. to the constitution?

A+: Income Tax

When was income tax introduce?

Income tax was introduced (or established) in the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution. This amendment was passed by Congress in 1913.

Which amendment created the national income tax?

16th amendment

What direct tax is provided for by Amendment 16?

The income tax.

Which amendment allowed congress to pass an income tax?

16th amendment

Which amendment made the tax on personal income permanent?

16th Amendment

What amendment creates the income tax?