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Depends on where you are. Montana is one of the lowest paying states. Alaska is one of the best paying but they have the cost of living to go with it. If you are comfortable living in the bush removed from all but the small town you would be in.. it would be a good choice. Nevada pays well too. Surf and search, that is the only way to go.

New york pays well to. Best in Buffalo!!!!!!!

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29 pence in British currency, 257 pieces of rice in Malaysia

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100 percent of it, less taxes.

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Q: What amount of salary should an average teacher get yearly?
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If asked before an interview to clarify your salary requirements without overtime as a base salary how should I respond?

You should research the salary for your position. Find a state wide average, and ask for about that amount. Then start negotiating.

How much money does an elementary school teacher earn depending on how many years of experience they have?

Teacher salaries vary significantly from state to state, but the average salary for a public school teacher across the land exceeds $50,000. The starting salary for a teacher seems to be in the neighborhood of $30,000 but again the state-to-state variation is considerable and could swing that figure $10k one way or another. Obviously this suggests that some teachers are making a fair amount of money. Teacher pay seems to top out at 2x the starting salary or even higher. One should consider that a teaching is not a year-long job - the summer is free. One should also however consider that a teaching career generally requires one to obtain a masters degree while on-the-job.

What is the average esl salary for an elementary school teacher?

ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers work in many different settings. The salary you will earn as an ESL teacher depends on the level of education youve obtained, how many years of experience you have in the field, and where you work. As a graduate of a masters in ESL program, you should be able to earn a higher income than the average ESL teacher in all settings.

Should you put in salary amount or leave blank?

when filling a job application, should you put in your desired salary, or put open, or leave blank?

How much do male footballers get paid?

In 2006 the average salary of a premiership fooballer was £676,000! This is shocking, doctors and nurses should get more like this amount, they save lives. Come on!

How much does an aviation consultant earn?

The average annual salary is $82,000 for an aviation consultant working in the United States. It should be noted that the salary can vary by experience and location. The average annual salary for this career in Texas is $80,000.

What should be salary of computer teacher?

it depends about your qualifications...Whether you have 'O','A','B' level course or MCA, BCA etc.

What kind of salary does an auto mechanic receive?

He should make a fair average amount for his salary. His payment per year may reach up to 36 thousand dollar a year. But not all salaries are the same. It may vary due to company, location, industry, and benefits.

How much am I supposed to spend on my girlfriends engagement ring My friend says six months salary, but that seems ridiculous.?

The average amount a man should spend on his future wife's engagement ring is three months salary. That is based on an approximate income of $1500 per month.

What is the annual salary for a junior crime scene examiner?

A significant amount. I should know. I am one!

How much do you get paid after taxes?

salary times 28% should give you the amount you will take home.

What is the provident fund amount that employers should contribute?

12% of the basic salary paid out to the employee