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It depends on how large the filter is.

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How do you store used pool filter sand in the winter?

Don' know how to store used filter sand, but a good question none the less :)

Can play sand be used in a pool filter?

no, no, and NO!

Can Diatomaceous Earth be used to replace sand in a sand filter?

This will absolutely not work.

How much sand for 1.5 pump?

I am assuming you mean 1.5 horse power pump.. Pumps do not take sand, the filter does. I would need to know the make and model of the filter to tell the amount of sand

What piece of equipment can be used to separate sand from water and salt?

Slow sand filter

What are materials used for separating salt and sand?

Water and a filter would work. Pour the salt/sand into water and the salt will dissolve. Pour the mixture into a filter and the sand will be trapped in the filter. Evaporate the water and the salt will remain.

Why is Sand getting into pool from filter?

If you have a sand filter your laterals are worn these are the spokes at the bottom of the sand filter that allow water through but not sand.

Where do you get sand?

You can get swimming pool filter sand or a number of other filter media that can be used instead of sand from most pool shops. You can also get sand from under above ground pools from a builders supply or nursery.

How do you clean sand and replace sand on jucuzzi filter?

how do you clean jacuzzi sand filter, and replace sand

How do you fill a filter with sand?

Very carefully! Make sure the laterals are in good condition and tight. If the filter has a verical return tube cover it to prevent sand from entering. Make sure this tube remains in the center of the opening. Add water to the empty filter until it is half full. This helps protect the laterals from being damaged by the addition of the sand and helps to distribute the sand evenly. Slowly add the correct amout of sand to the filter. There should be a label on the side of the filter that specifies the type of sand and the amount required. After the correct amount of sand is in the filter remove the cover from the return tube. Re-assemble the filter. Move the valve to "backwash" position to finish filling the filter with water. Backwash until water in the sight glass is clear.

How much sand is used for a swimming pool filter?

That depends on the sise of the filter. but you always leave the top of the sand about a foot ,300mm from the top of the container.

What is used to filter the water?

For drinking water fine sand is frequently used.

Why wont your sand filter filter your pool?

If the sand in it has been there too long it may require replacement. Or the sand filter is not set to recirculate and not to filter.

Difference between slow sand filter and rapid sand filter?

distinguish between slow and rapid sand filter

What has gone wrong if there is Sand in filter?

Nothing if its a sand filter However if sand is coming into the pool from the filter then you may have to replace one ore more laterals in the sand filter as they have worn and are letting sand through to the pool,

What kind of sand is used to put in a pool sand filter?

pool sand, preferably the sharp gritty stuff to catch the junk, NOT fine sand

how much sand do i need for my sand filter for a 24 foot pool?

The best thing to do is to locate the manufacturer on the filter. Sometimes the amount of sand is listed right on the filter next to this name. If it is not, you need to contact the manufacturer as all filters are somewhat different. An average would be 200-250 pounds.

How much sand do you use in your filter?

The instructions for the amount of sand to use with your filter should have come with your filter. If you threw those instructions away and removed the sand from your filter to replace it, there may or actually should be a mark on the inside of your filter to indicate the level for the top of the sand. It will be fairly near the top. You should only need to remove the top two inches or 5 centimeters of sand about once a year, and then replace it. Otherwise you should backwash your filter. That means, you use the outlet as the inlet and wash the stuff in the filter out the drain or into the yard until it runs clear.

How do you set up a sand filter?

Do you mean how do you install a sand filter?.

How often do you need to replace the sand in a sand filter?

Change the sand in your sand filter every 8-10 years! :)

How is a sand filter used to purify water?

Sand can be used in a filter that is made up of a box, with an "in" and an "out" pipe connected to it. Inside the box, there could be 2 bits of filter paper, similar to that found in a coffee maker (to stop the sand escaping), one covering each pipe. The sand would be between these 2 filters and, due to the porous properties of sand, and the fact that it lets very little solid particles through, it would filter the water to some degree, however, carbon is more commonly used, as it can filter out much smaller particles.

How do you clear sand from well water?

Depending on the amount of this , you may need a sand trap on the pump, or at least a sediment filter before the pressure tank.

How do you chlorinate your pool with a sand filter?

You don't . You chlorinate the pool with chlorine . You filter the water with a sand filter.

Amount of sand needed for 26 cubic foot pool filter?

Read the manual that came with the product

How do you assemble a jacuzzi sand filter?

In order to do this you will have to have a spa pump, filter sand and PVC piping. The sand filter will provide you with years of enjoyment of your Jacuzzi.