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The bolus, which is a mass of chewed food mixed with saliva, passes through the esophagus, which is a muscular tube that connects the mouth to the stomach.

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A bolus (of food, for instance) passes through the esophagus.

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Q: What anatomic structure does the bolus pass through?
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How does fibre help food pass through the gut?

fibre helps the feces to form bolus. Fibre is not at all digested in the gut. It moves all the way through the gut sticking to the feces and makes it bolus for easy passage.

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The main purpose of the pharyngeal constrictor muscles is to allow food received through the larynx to pass through the esophagus. this is achieved when the elevator muscles relax, the pharynx descends and the constrictors contract upon the bolus of food. Bolus- a mass of food that has been chewed.

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On passing along the oesophagus, mastication [breakdown of large food particles into smaller particles] takes place so that it can b easily digested and swallowed..

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