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what is the opulent slide master

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Q: What and where is the opulent slide master for PowerPoint 2010?
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How do you access note master on PowerPoint?

You can access Notes Master in PowerPoint 2010 by selecting View tab on the Ribbon and within the Master Views group click the Notes Masterbutton.You can learn more about Views in PowerPoint 2010: At indezine site

When you open a new presentation a slide with the default layout appears?

Title Slide (on the 2007 & 2010 PowerPoint)

What are the extensions for PowerPoint files?

There are a few: .pot--PowerPoint 97 to 2003 template file .potx--PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML presentation template file .pps--PowerPoint 97 to 2003 complete slide show file .ppsx--PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML complete slide show file .ppt--PowerPoint 97 to 2003 Presentation file .pptm--PowerPoint 2007/2010 macro-enabled Open XML presentation file .pptx--Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2010 Open XML presentation file

What is the F5 Function key used for in PowerPoint 2010?

It is used to run the slide show from the beginning.

What does Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 call the predefined area inside a slide where text may be entered?

Text Box

What appears on the right side of the Slide area to allow users to move forward or backward through the presentation?

The Scroll Bars appears on the right side of the Slide area - which enables you to navigate to other slides (or the same slide when you zoom the view to a larger percentage. Learn more about the Slide Area in PowerPoint 2010 which explains about the Scroll Bars also:

Is PowerPoint 2003 compatible with PowerPoint 2010?


Different methods to create presentation in PowerPoint?

Create a PowerPoint Presentation Using a TemplateMicrosoft offers many free presentation templates that you can use to create professional slide shows. Click the "File" menu in PowerPoint 2003, the "Office Button" in PowerPoint 2007 or the "File" tab in PowerPoint 2010. Click "New" and then click "From Design Template." Select a template you would like to use from the gallery. Double-click it to load the template into PowerPoint. Click on a slide in the "Slides" pane to text or make changes. Click inside a text box to type over the sample text. Choose a different color palette or font set by selecting a different option in the "Themes" category. Add or change animations or transitions by choosing options in the "Slide Show" menu in PowerPoint 2003 or the "Animations" tab in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.Create a PowerPoint Presentation from Blank SlidesIt is easy to make a PowerPoint slide show from scratch, as well. Open a blank presentation form by clicking "New" from the "File" menu, "Office Button" or "File" tab and selecting "Blank Presentation," or use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+N." Go to the "Format" menu in PowerPoint 2003 and click on "Slide Design" to choose a design option for your PowerPoint presentation. In PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, go to the "Design" tab and select a theme from the gallery. Go to the "Insert" menu in PowerPoint 2003 or the "Insert" tab in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 to insert objects onto a slide, such as text boxes, pictures or charts. Add animation and slide transitions from the "Slide Show" menu in PowerPoint 2003 or the "Animations" tab in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.Create a PowerPoint Presentation from a Word OutlineSend an existing Word outline to PowerPoint to create an almost-instant presentation. Open the outline in Microsoft Word. In Word 2003, go to the "File" menu, point to "Send to" and select "Microsoft PowerPoint." In Word 2007 or 2010, you will need to add the "Send to PowerPoint" option to the "Quick Access Toolbar." Click the arrow at the right end of the "Quick Access Toolbar" and click "More Commands." Select "All Commands" in the "Choose Commands From" box. Click on "Send to Microsoft PowerPoint" in the list of commands and then click "Add." Click "OK" to add the command to the "Quick Access Toolbar" and close the dialog box. Click the "Send to Microsoft PowerPoint" button on the "Quick Access Toolbar."Microsoft Word will send the outline to PowerPoint. It will create a new slide show using the outline headings as slide titles and the subheadings as bullet points. Add a layout theme, graphics and animations as in the previous sections.

What keyboard key can you use to start a presentation in Powerpoint 2010?

The F5 key starts a Powerpoint Presentation. Shift-F5 will start it from the current slide, which is particularly useful when you are working on a show and want to see how a new slide looks without having to go through the whole show.

What does an entrance effect in Microsoft 2010?

An Entrance Effect is the way something appears on the slide in Powerpoint when it is animated. So it can things like Zoom in or Fly in for example. Powerpoint gives a wide range of choices of effects that can be used.

What extension is PowerPoint show file?

.pps and ppsx (for Powerpoint 2010)

What year is pptx in PowerPoint?

It could be either PowerPoint 2007 or 2010.

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