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Jesus was not on the ark. Noah was.


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Jesus never got into the ark, that was Noah from the Old Testament.

There are 17 Animal Ark Pets books.

Noah, a human, built the ark.

A couple of termites were left on the ark.

Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center was created in 1978.

Of course he did. He had EVERY animal on the ark you stupid people!

Not a single animal drowned in the Ark.

Yes, there were two of every animal on the ark. Including tigers.

The are various Animal Ark books in the series. See the related link below for a full list.

Regular Animal Ark = 60 Hauntings = 6 Animal Ark pets = 18 Other = ?

The largest animal on Noah's Ark was the elephant. Then the giraffe, lions, tigers, rhinos and monkeys.AnswerThe Bible does not state which animal was the largest. It is possible that dinosaurs were on the ark, but like the other animals they need not have been fully grown.

A pair of each animal went into Noahs ark.

The bible does not say which animal went first in the ark.

yes ..... its a type of deer .

Noah built an ark and took 2 of every animal on the ark with him. Jehovah commanded him to do so as He was very angry with whole earth as violence had covered the earth and Sin was everywhere.

Noah's ark held over 4000 animals. Each animal had a male and female from each species. The only animals that did not enter the ark were animals that lived in the water.

satan tempted jesus, but jesus didnt give in to him

A raven and a dove were first to be released from the ark to see if the water had receded

Jesus didnt nail himself to anything.

The web address of the Noah'S Lost Ark Animal Park is:

Two of every animal, according to the Bible, were put into the Ark in preparation for the coming flood.

Bible doesn't say but the most sholastics agree that the lamb being the prefered animal for holocaust until the crucifixion of Jesus as important in symbol could have been the first one in the ark. four couples of lambs in total.

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