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According to the Holy Bible( Genesis 7:7 )Noah & his wife, their 3 sons & their wives( making 8 in all ), entered into the Ark!

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Noah went into the ark first.

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A Raven (Genesis 8:7)

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the crow

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Q: What animal came off noah's ark first?
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Where there tigers on noahs ark?

Yes, there were two of every animal on the ark. Including tigers.

How many times did noahs dove from noahs ark come back and leave?

The first time that Noah sent it out, the dove simply returned to him in the ark. The second time, the dove came back with an olive leaf. The third time, it did not return, giving evidence that it was possible and safe for Noah to leave the ark. (Genesis 8:8-12)

What is the purpose of the ark?

There were two arks , Noahs ark and the ark of the covenant.The ark of the covenant was to carry the ten commandments. Today, the ark is a cabinet in synagogues, normally at the front of the sanctuary, where the Torahs are kept.

Was it Moses or Noah who made the ark?

noah. like Noahs Ark!

Did noahs ark have 3 floors?

Yes, it did :)

Where did the Noahs Ark get built?

It was built on land.

Will noahs ark open in blackpool again?


What is the name animals that was takin on the ark of noahs?

The bible says that there was a raven and dove in the Ark.

How many people were not on Noahs ark?

The eight of Noahs family escaped the flood the rest of mankind died.

Where is the Noahs Ark Afloat in Rancho Cordova California located?

The address of the Noahs Ark Afloat is: 3082 Swansea Way, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670-5348

What animal lost its tail on the Noahs arc?

The Bobtail/Manx cat was late to the Ark so offered to pay his keep by catching mice. Noah opened the hatch, hatch came down and cut off its tail.

What is the ark of the Lord?

A large boat. The Ark of the bible was built and used by Noah to escape the great flood with his family and two of each animal type.