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What animal eats leopards?

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Tigers will kill and eat any large cat that dares enter their territory.

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What animal eats an okapi?


Who eats a Snow Leopards?

Large wildcats have no predators. No animal eats them.

What animal eats a aardvark?

aardvark's natural enemies are loins,heynas, and leopards

What animal eats a warthog?

Leopards, Lions, Crocodiles, hyenas and occasionally cheetahs. Oh! And people.

Which animal eats the baboon?

Leopards, lions, hyenas, African wild dogs, and even crocodiles.

What eats a Himalayan tahr?

Leopards and snow leopards

Why do snow leopards only eat meat?

Snow leopards only eat meat because they are carnivores. Being a carnivores means that the animal only eats meat.

What animal eats leoprads?

i think carnivores because carnivores eat meat right? and leopards are made of meat.

What animals eats pandas?

any animal biggerSnow Leopards hunt for Red Pandas :)

What eats clouded leopards?


What eats the okapi?

mainly leopards

What eats mandrills?

leopards mainly.

What eats a oryx?

Leopards, Lions and Hyenas :)

What eats baboon's?

leopards prey on baboons

What EATS a tortiose?

snow leopards eat them

What animal eats the Genet?

They are primarily preyed on by foxes, wildcats, pythons and leopards. They are also eaten by chimpanzees, African wild dogs and eagles.

What animal can live with leopards?

Other leopards or animals of prey.

What kind of animal eats an elephant?

Excluding the fact that humans used to eat elephants, the only modern animal that ever eats adult elephants is the lion. However, lions, hyenas, and possibly even leopards could kill a young elephant calf.

What eats birds?

Bigger birds, leopards and sharks

What eats a black howler monkey?

Leopards ect

Who eats leopards seals?

only sharks and orca

What eats wolves in a snowy place?

snow leopards

Why are plankton called the foundation of life?

an animal eats the plankton, another animal eats that animal, another animal eats that animal, and so on

Why do you call a animal that eats animals that eats plants?

An animal that eats plants is called a Herbivore. A carnivore is an animal that eats meat.

Is there a predator that eats the panda?

The giant panda is the largest animal in its habitat so has no predators. However, snow leopards and jackals will kill and eat panda cubs.

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