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sharks do feed off of dolphins and so do killer whales but a killer whale is a species of dolphin. If we are talking about killer whales the killer whale is an apex predator and eats sharks !

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Sharks and killer whales, eat dolphins!

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Q: What animal eats the dolphins?
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Which animal eats the most as compared to its weight?


What animal eats dolphins?

Sharks feed off of dolphins and so do killer whales !

What type of animal eats a squid?

I'm not sure but it could be dolphins or stingrays...

What animal eats bottlenose dolphin?

there is only about one creature that eats bottle nose dolphins and that is hammer head sharks but you do not often get them where bottle nose dolphins live

What animal eats a dolphin?

Certain species of shark, and killer whales eat dolphins.

What animals are scared of dolphins?

Sharks have been reported to be scared of dolphins, as well as any small fish or animal a dolphin normally eats.

What eats a flying fish?

dolphins dolphins

What type of fish eats dolphins?

sharks eat dolphins

Who eats dolphins?

Dolphins are generally near the top of the food chain. Occasionally a shark will eat a dolphin, but other than that, the only other animal to eat dolphin is humans.

What eats forage fish?


What eats dusky dolphins?


What eats boto dolphins?


What eats hectors dolphins?


Do sharks eats dolphins?


What omnivore eats dolphins?

They don't.

What eats dolphins?

killer whales, sharks and humans eat dolphins.

What foods does the dolphins eats?

Dolphins feed mostly on fish and squid.

What eats a pink river dolphin?

sharks eat pink river dolphins

What is the kingdom of dolphins?

Dolphins are in the animal kingdom

What eats dolphins in the sea?

Sharks even other dolphins like the orca

Do dolphins have plant or animal cells?

Dolphins are animals, and have animal cells.

What animal eats a crow?

What animal eats a crow

What is an animal that eats an animal?

A carnivore, which eats meat.

Which animal swim backwards?

It is my favorite sea animal! DOLPHINS:) :) :)

Why are plankton called the foundation of life?

an animal eats the plankton, another animal eats that animal, another animal eats that animal, and so on