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What animal is called a bull?


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A bull. A bull is the male counter part of a cow.

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Typically a bull animal is a male animal although the "bull" in Bull Sharks refer to both male and female Bull Sharks.

A bull is not a wild animal


A parorlee can have a pit bull after out of jail. There is actually a show on animal planet called pit bulls and parolees.

On a farm.. only if its a (FARM BULL ANIMAL) duhhhhh

No. A bull is a prey animal, not a predator.

Yes it is^ The Spanish Fighting Bull is the national animal of Spain.

A polled bull (or cow) is an animal that was bred to not develop horns. However, a bull that developed horns but then had them cut off (called dehorning) may also be mistakenly referred to as a polled bull.

Bull or bulls The animal is castrated it is called a steer or steers

it depends on what type of animal it is, and in what manner it is domesticated. A cow is a domesticated farm animal... but so is a horse, or a bull, or a pet dog named Sparky.

A bull is a male cattle. A female cattle is called a cow. So, yes, bulls can only be one gender - male.

Elephants are known to charge...

No it is not. A bull is a completly different type of animal. You can though have a bulldog but that has nothing to do with a bull.

Its a bull and its a very tough animal

Shiva's animal is a bull named Nandi.

no animal abuse is a bunch of bull

A Bull is the animal represents Portugal

For a fair number of producers, especially those from the European Union and a fair few in North America, it is known as a bullock. However, a number of others also refer to such an animal as simply a young bull. He could be called a bull calf before he is weaned or a yearling bull if he is about a year old (more or less).

No, there i not a band called "Racing Bull"

A male elk is called a bull

When a Red Bull is mixed with vodka, it is called a Red Bull Vodka.

The animal that has the largest horns is Watusi Bull.

A young cow is called a heifer, and a young bull is called a young bull or a yearling bull if it is between the ages of 10 to 18 months of age.

A baby lizard is called a "hatchling". A male lizard is a Bull and a female lizard is a Cow.

The bull. In Spain they have 'fights' between a man and a bull.

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