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Horses are notorious for liking carrots and sugar cubes.

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Q: What animal likes to eat carrots and sugar cubes?
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What is the name of the animal that likes to eat carrots and sugar cubes?


Which animal like to eat carrot and sugar cubes?

Many animals will eat carrots and sugar cubes. One such animal is a horse.

What foods are treats to horses?

sugar cubes, apples, carrots

What do Scandinavian children leave in their shoes for sinterkaas?

carrots and sugar cubes

What low sugar treat can you feed your horse?

for a treat you can feed a horse carrots, apples and sugar cubes!

What do black stallion eat?

mostly carrots, but i am sure they will eat sugar cubes and apples

Popular horse treats are?

sugar cubes, carrots, apples, and many other vegetables and fruits.

What animals eat sugar cubes?

Most animals will eat sugar cubes if they are made available to them. Some horse owners will give their horses sugar cubes as treats and sometimes to coax them to take their bit as they cause the horse to salivate.

What kind of food horse eat?

Hay, they also graze on grass and like carrots, apples, and sugar cubes as a snack.

What is more expensive granulated sugar or sugar cubes?

sugar cubes

What kind of food does a horse eat?

Horses can eat grass, hay, grain, apples, carrots, sugar cubes, and much more...Sea grass and moss.

What food like horse?

If you mean, What foods do horses like, then they like: Hay, Wheat, Straw, etc. And for good treats they like: Carrots, Apples, and Sugar Cubes, which carrots and apples can also be apart of the diet.