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What animals are born with an instinct?

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All of them.

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Do deer have instinct?

Yes - all animals that are born with a brain - are also born with natural instinct embedded in their brain.

How do animals know their supposed to mate?

It is an instinct that they are born with.

When animals are born do they know what to do?

Most animals do. They have instinct about what to do. Also, their mothers normally help them.

How does a scientist determine if a behavior is an instinct or is learned?

Scientist know that the animal is instinct or not is because the animals know how to do it when they are born.

Aggression is a basic instinct in animals do you agree with this statement?

It is agreed that aggression is a basic instinct in animals. Aggression is a basic instinct an animals as well as humans.

What is the instinct theory?

Instinct theory is a theory that looks at motivation of people and animals. In instinct theory, behavior is motivated by instinct, which is ingrained in animals to help them survive.

What does animals act on instinct mean?

When an animal acts on instinct, it is acting without first having to think about what it will do. All animals act on instinct from time to time.

How do animals manufacture its food?

they get a instinct to where it is

What is the term for god given built in knowledge that animals possess at birth and do not have to learn?

Instinct. Natural instinct: Example: A foal learning to stand within minutes of being born.

Do animals know how to get away from danger?

Yes, it's called instinct. Most animals have the fight or flight instinct. Horses are a good example of this.

Are all animal born with a protective instinct?

Almost all animals were born with protective instincts ,Protective instincts just mean the ways the animals go about keeping themselves safe.

How do animals know when to mate?

They mate by instinct.

What are a tigers instinct?

A tigers instinct is what they are born with when they know what they are supposed to do

Is a bear swimming an instinct or a learned behavior?

When animals swim, it is always from instinct. This applies to bears as well.

How do animals learn how to do things using their instinct?

By folowing thier mother's steps they can use thier instinct.

What determines intelligence in animals?

It is rather instinct than intellagence-they have senses and natural instinct with they were born with. Studies show that placing an animal in a zoo or not having them injh the wild takes away the 'intellagence'. Animals exposed to the wild daily have more acute senses.

Is hunting an instinct for huskys?

Hunting is an instinct in huskies since they are like wolves with a born instinct to hunt.

How do animals hear with out ears?

its a God given instinct

Does a sea turtle have an instinct?

Yes, as do most animals.

What does instinctive behaviors mean?

Behaviors that animals do from instinct

Which is more cruel human or animals?

Humans are the blight of the Earth. Animals are survival instinct.

Is breathing an instinct?

Breathing is an instinct because you are born with the instinctual knowledge of how to breathe.

What is an animals born with instinct?

All animals are born with insticts such as bears, mice, and deer. They learn imprinting usally by their mother. Watch t movie "fly away home" to give tou a better idea of imprinting.

How do animals predict storms?

God has given them an instinct from the begining.

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