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termites are not decomposers but detritivores. Bacteria and fungi are the main decomposers

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Q: What animals are decomposers in tropical savannas?
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Are savannas the Are savannas and tropical savannas the same?

yes the savannas the Are savannas and tropical savannas are the same the are slightly different though some of the animals are different but they are more alike then different

What animals in a tropical rain forest eats decomposers?

There are many animals in the tropical rainforests that eat decomposers. Spiders, frogs, birds, and rodents all eat decomposers.

What are animals in the Tropical rainforest and they are producers consumers and decomposers?


What are some decomposers in Africa?

Decomposers that live in African savannas include different types of fungi and bacteria. Other animals include earthworms and various insects.

Is there a fear of climate change in the tropical savannas?

Yes, global warming is already affecting the tropical savannas.

What is a savannas?

a tropical grassland

What is another name for tropical savannas?

tropical grassland == ==

Tropical Grasslands are also called?

Savannas. Savannas are grasslands with small pockets of trees. They cover almost half the area of Africa, and are home to large grazing animals and packs of predators.

What are unique about tropical savannas?

it is so unique because the savannas are deserts and a tropical rain forest isn't really some thing that is normal.

What animals are decomposers in African savannas?

Decomposers are not animals decomposers are bacteria or fungus they help to decay the body (break down everything) even the bones. Animals that eat dead animals are not decomposers because they leave the bone behind to decompose on its own! Okay, quick lesson in biological taxonomy, bacteria and fungi are classified underneath the kingdom ANAMALIA as in ANIMALS. Decomposers are defined as animals that eat dead or decaying organisms. It is not necessary for the ENTIRE organism to be consumed/broken down. Therefore, Animals that eat dead animals are decomposers. Please don't just post nonsense up here. People are actually trying to get FACTUAL information.

What covers the savannas of Africa?

Determinants of woody cover in African savannas. These tropical and subtropical savannas occupy large land areas

Are tropical grasslands the same as savannas?

Yup :-)

How deep are a tropical savannas gorges?


What types of animals live in the tropical savannas?

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Why are decomposers important to the tropical rain forest?

They recycle material for re-use by the next generation of plants and animals.

What climate covers most of the northern half of the continent?

Tropical Rainforests And Tropical Savannas

What are some plants in tropical savannas?

The Yucca plant

What is another name of tropical savannas?

forest or the widernest

What type of climate covers most of the northern half of the continent?

Tropical Rainforests And Tropical Savannas

What omnivores are in tropical Savanna?

Omnivores in tropical savannas include: raccoons, skunks, and black bears.

Is tropical grasslands the savanna?

Savannas are grasslands and they are tropical so yes they could be the same thing.

Where in Africa can find tropical savannas?

The Eastern and Southern parts

What is the temperature in the average savanna year round?

Savanna's are areas of open grassland with very few trees. There are two types of savannas, tropical and semi-tropical savannas. Temperatures in savannas vary according to the season. Mean average temperatures are 77F or 25C

Do sloths live in tropical rainforests?

sloths live anywhere they can find decomposers. tropical rainforests contain alot of decomposers so yeah they do

What are the biomes in Togo?

Tropical and subtropical grasslands, savannas, and shrublands Tropical and subtropical moist broadleaf forests