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Skunks, raccoons, bats, possums, dogs, a good majority of mammals

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Q: What animals can transmit rabies?
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Can moose get rabies?

Yes. I can get the rabies. But it will not transmit the disease to other animals.

What is the mode of transfer for rabies?

Rabies is transmitted by bite of rabid animals. Usually the carnivorous animals transmit the rabies. The virus is there in the saliva of the rabid animals.

What animals cannot transmit rabies?

snakes in particular rattlesnakes

They get rabies from food or sex. How do the animals that give animals rabies get rabies?

Rabies virus is found in the saliva of an infected animal. A bite will transmit it. It is passed from one animal to another this way.

What animals can not transmit rabies?

All animals are subject to getting rabies and infecting others, unless they have been given a Tetanus shot, which prevents the contraction of rabies and the corresponding symptoms.

Do gerbils or hamsters need rabies shots?

No, they are kept in cages in your home. They are not exposed to other animals that transmit rabies.

Can fox squirrels transmit rabies to humans?

Such a big animal can easily transmit the rabies to you. You need to take complete immunization for rabies.

Can a cat transmit rabies to their kittens from nursing?

Yes, a mother cat can transmit rabies to their kittens from the birth canal or from nursing. Her saliva may also transmit it.

What is the only animal that can't carry rabies?

There are actually many animals that can't transmit the rabies virus, including birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. Only mammals are susceptible to the rabies virus.

What animals can give a person rabies?

Any mammal can transmit rabies. Bats, raccoons, dogs, cats, foxes, and coyotes have particularly high rates of transmitting it to humans.

Can rattlesnakes transmit rabies?

yes if they have them

Can a dog transmit rabies?


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