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Nothing i dont think !!!!!!! from ?

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What do eels drink?

Eels get a lot of their fluids from animals they eat. They "drink" water.

What sea animals eat moray eels?

moray eels are hunted by groupers, barracudas, and other eels

What animals do electric eels eat?

Electric eels diets consists mostly of fish.

What do lamprey eels eat?

Lamprey eels are parasites so when they hook on to other animals they suck the animals blood. :P

What kinds of animals do ells eat?

small, electric eels feed on invertebrates, where adult eels eat fish and small mammals.

What are some animals that don't eat eggs?

Cats Eels

What animals eat stonefish?

Stokes Sea Snakes, Humans, Eels

Which animals eat lobsters?

Human, codfish, crab, swordfish, and eels.

Do electric eels eat humans?

No. We're too big. Addendum to above answer: Electric eels can be potentially harmful to humans but they do not anything nearly as large as us. Electric eels eat fish and small animals.

Where do eels eat?

eels eat fish

Are eels land animals?

Eels are not land animals. It doesn't matter what kind of eel it is. All eels are water animals.

Did monks eat eels?

yes they did eat eels. When they were lucky that was.

What animals do moray eels eat?

morays dont eat any mosses or bactiria.they are meat eaters and eat fish and octupus

Do eels eat frogs?

Yes freshwater eels eat frogs.

Do Eels eat flies?

EEls only eat flies if they are green eels, otherwise they ae very dangerous to eels and may kill the eel :(

What Eats Electric Eels?

No water animals eats the electric eels since electric eels have very powerful shocks that can paralyze or hurt anything that gets its way. Humans have been known to eat electric eels on very rare occasions.

What do sand eels eat?

Sand eels eat tiny pieces of mackerel

What do baby eels eat?

baby eels eat insects like ants

Do dolphins eat eels?

There are certain breeds of dolphins that eat eels. Bottlenose dolphins for example tend to eat eels as part of their diet.

Do eels eat seaweed?

There are many breeds of eels. Most eels are carnivores though there are a few that will eat ocean vegetation.

Do eels eat baby eels?

yes they eat.some of them

Do eels eat sea turtles?

No. Sea turtles may eat eels though.

Do eels eat dolphins?

No eels cant eat a dolphin they are way too small. But dolphins will eat an eel

What do bitterns eat?

They eat eels

What eats sand eels?

Puffins eat sand eels.