What animals eat wasps?

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The lowly wasp certainly has its place in the food chain. Indeed, the question should possibly be,

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Q: What animals eat wasps?
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What animal eats bees and wasps?

Spiders are examples of animals that eat bees and wasps.

Do wasps eat cicada beetles?

Most wasps eat other animals or lay their eggs in them. Some wasps have specialised on beetles and other catch mainly cicadas. There is no such thing as a cicada-beetle by the way.

Do owls eat wasps?

Yes, owls do eat wasps, but wasps can sting you.

Do wasps eat other wasps?


What animal eats gall wasps?

Gall wasps are also known as gallflies. Animals that eat them often include other wasps, as they penetrate the gallfly's gall and consume the larvae within.

What wasps eat?

Wasps will eat fallen fruit , nectar and carrion .

Do wasps eat praying mantises?

No. Praying mantises eat wasps.

Do rats eat wasps?

Rats are known to eat bees, but not wasps. Dragonflies and spiders are predators of the wasps. Wasps do not have very many predators.

Do any animals eat bees?

Yes - at least sometimes. My German Shepherd loved to catch and eat bees and wasps.

Do bees eat dead mice?

No, bees are not carnivorous and do not eat meat. They only eat nectar, honey and sugary water. There is a species of predatory wasp that will occasionally try to eat dead animals called Yellow Jacket Wasps. Wasps are not bees.

Do you eat dead wasps when you eat a fig?

If you eat figs, you are consuming wasps, some do not make it out of the fig and die inside. You are not guaranteed to be eating wasps.

Can wasps eat flowers?

Wasps will eat nectar, but they do not eat flowers. Some species of wasps will chew up flower leaves to use to make their nests.

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