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Q: What animals have heat sensors on their lips?
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Which of these animals gathers information about the presence of warm blooded animals through heat sensors on its head and lips?


What has heat sensors on it upper lip to help it find prey?

Pythons have sensors on their upper lips, I believe.

What are the uses of heat sensors?

All snakes use heat sensors, they use them to find food, a shelter and what things are.

This animal Has heat sensors on its upper lip to find prey?

python do have heat sensors on there upper lip

What is the best place to install thermal sensors?

Thermal sensors are sed to detect heat. You will want to install these anywhere you are concearned about heat.

Why are heat sensors located just under the epidermis layer of your skin and not deeper?

So they can detect heat. If the heat sensors were to be deeper then people would have more serious burns. With the heat sensors under the epidermis layer, if a person was to get burnt then it would only burn one layer of the skin. You would risk getting a higher degree burn if the heat sensors were any deeper.

How can you detect heat sensors?

One can detect heat sensors by searching their surroundings. Often, heat centers are located on ceilings in most rooms, and especially concentrated in areas such as the kitchen.

How does the homeguard know when it s on a person?

The homeguard may use various sensors such as motion sensors, pressure sensors, or heat sensors to detect the presence of a person. These sensors can detect movement or changes in weight or body heat, which help the homeguard identify the presence of a person in its vicinity.

What sensors do exploratory robots use?

Exploratory robots use motion, heat, and camera sensors.

Animals with split lips?

rabbit, hare

Is there any animals that have blue lips?

An avatar

What are two ways that animals sense vibrations?

Vibrations are sound which may be heard though an animal's ears. Vibrations may also be felt through the sense of touch. Heat is also a vibration and this can be sensed by heat sensors.