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Kangaroos are mainly hunted by man, who actively seeks to cull their numbers.

Dingoes and wedgetail eagles hunt kangaroos.

Introduced predators such as foxes, wild dogs and feral cats will hunt joeys.

Prior to the extinction of the thylacine (sometimes known as the Tasmanian Tiger), kangaroos would have had to defend themselves against this creature, the largest of the carnivorous marsupials.

Smaller kangaroos, such as wallabies, rat-kangaroos (not kangaroo rats), potoroos, pademelons and bettongs are hunted by quolls and pythons and, occasionally, goannas.

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What animals did the aboriginies hunt?

They hunted Emus, Kangaroos and Possums.

What types of animals did the aboriginal men hunt?

They hunted alive animals such as, echidnas, kangaroos, wombats and other Australian animals.

What are 5 animals did the aboriganals hunt?

they hunted kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, koalas and possums

Is it illegal to kill kangaroos?

Yes. It is most definitely illegal to kill kangaroos. They are protected animals. Permission for culling is sometimes given to farmers and property owners, but the general public may not hunt or kill kangaroos.

Does a female kangaroo hunt?

Kangaroos are herbivores. They do not hunt.

How did they aborigines find there food?

They climbed trees, picked clams and other shelled animals from the beach. Hunt kangaroos.

How does a red kangaroo hunt?

Red kangaroos do not hunt. They are herbivores.

Are kangaroos placental animals?

No. Kangaroos are marsupials.

Are kangaroos real?

Yes. Kangaroos are real animals.

How do indigenous people hunt?

The Answer is They hunt with guns spear and sticks They hunt kangaroos, fish koala and lots

Do kangaroos hunt?

No, kangaroos do not hunt since they are not carnivores. They are herbivores and mainly eat grass and leaves.Further information:Generally, no. The species most commonly known as "kangaroos" are herbivores and feed on grass and leaves.Smaller varieties of kangaroos such as the musky-rat kangaroo are omnivores, eating fruits, seeds, fungi insect larvae and small invertebrates such as grasshoppers and beetles. these kangaroos could be said to hunt.

What did aboriginals hunt?

Mostly Kangaroos,Emus and fish.

Can a tourist in Australia hunt kangaroos?

Absolutely not. Kangaroos are protected by law. Only farmers with licences specifically to cull kangaroos, and other specially licenced people, may hunt kangaroos. The process for gaining a licence is rigorous, and it is not given to just anyone, let alone tourists.

Are tree kangaroos solitary?

Tree kangaroos are generally solitary animals.

What customs do red kangaroos have?

Because Red kangaroos are animals, they do not have "customs".

Are kangaroos wombats?

Kangaroos are not wombats but they are both marsupials and Australian animals.

Animals that jump?


Are kangaroos predators?

Generally, no. As larger kangaroos are herbivores they don't hunt, therefore have no prey. Smaller species of kangaroos such as musky rat-kangaroos prey on small invertebrates such as earthworms and grasshoppers.

Do red kangaroos hunt at night?

Red kangaroos are not carnivores, so they do not hunt. Being herbivores, they feed on grass and new shoots of young trees. Red kangaroos do most of their feeding in the early morning and at dusk, but they do feed at night as they are nocturnal.

What languages are spoken by kangaroos?

Kangaroos are animals. They do not speak a language.

Which animals travel in troops?

Monkeys and kangaroos are two animals who travel in troops. A troop is a group of monkeys, or a group of kangaroos.

Are kangaroos wild animals?

Yes. Kangaroos are wild animals. Whilst they can become used to humans, they cannot be truly domesticated.

Baby kangaroos for sale?

Kangaroos are native animals and are therefore not for sale in Australia.

Are kangaroos a consumer?

Yeah, kangaroos are consumers. Plants are producers, animals are consumers.

What animals does the Kangaroo eat?

Answer: As larger kangaroos are herbivores they do not eat other animals. Smaller species of kangaroos such as musky rat-kangaroos prey on small invertebrates such as earthworms and grasshoppers.

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