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He asked her to wrote an essay on quack quack quack said mistress chatterbox.

Anne finallly stop mr. keesing from punishing her by writing a poem about three duclings who were bitten to death by their father swan because they quack a lot.

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Naman sehwag

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3y ago
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Gudu Kumar

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Vishal Mavi

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Anne finally stop Me. keesing from punishing her by the way that keesing told him to write an essay on the topic The chatterbox and she wrote it and also wrote a story in it that there were two ducklings which quack a lot and one day there father got anger on them and killed them and stopped there quack quack for all the time .

So these was the way in which Anne finally stopped Mr . keesing from punishing her.



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Q: What answer How did Anne finally stop mr keesing from punishing her?
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