What answer should you write for the theme of love in dancing at lughnasa and billy Elliot?

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September 13, 2011 5:40PM

im not sure about billy Elliot, i have only seen the movie. but

for dancing at lughnasa...

the sisters have a love for music. we see this when the wireless

comes into the house (as Michael talks about in his monologue). it

brings them a connection to the outside world. this is a key theme

as they are shunned by the community after fathers jacks return

from Uganda and Michael being a lovechild.

music also helps them escape. we see this wen they are all in

the kitchen going about their normal duties. when the wireless

turns on and they all slowly begin dancing. the music helps them

escape from their responsibilities.

friel chooses the songs given to the characters to show their

personality. for instance, gerry is given the songs 'anything goes'

as in his world anything goes he can do what he wants, he is not

bound by time or any other factor.

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