What apps are like chatroulette?

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Can you download apps to a cell phone just like you can to an iPhone?

This is possible with some phones, but not all and depends on your carrier. It is easiest to do with BlackBerry and Windows Mobile Smartphones. It is also possible on regular phones with "shops" that are sometimes part of data services provided by your cell phone carrier.

What does the dowsing app look like?

It is a huge + in the middle of the screen, the middle being you. Theres also little dashes in the plus sighn. Just tap it, and if there is an item nearby, it will tell you.

What is ChatRoulette?

ChatRoulette is a free video chatting service that connects you with random strangers across the globe. Launched in November 2009, it was created by a Russian teenager. Users sign on and are instantly connected with another user's video feed. They can choose to chat with them (audio or typing) or ( Full Answer )

Why is ChatRoulette not working?

Launched in November 2009, ChatRoulette experienced a surge in traffic in February 2010 after newspapers and blogs publicized the service. The website traffic got so high that the website required to make some bigger servers. Its creator, a teenager in Russia, said he never expected this much tra ( Full Answer )

Is ChatRoulette down?

No, it is not down, although I find that they do lots of updates equating to down time.

Why should you use ChatRoulette?

ChatRoulette is a free video chatting service that connects you with random strangers across the globe. Many people use it out of curiosity, just to see who is out there. There is also a voyeuristic aspect to it. Unfortunately, many people are using the site for pornography purposes.

Who started chatroulette?

Andrey Ternovskiy, a 17-year-old from Moscow, created the site for fun using his coding experience. He enjoyed talking to friends on Skype but eventually grew bored and looked for a better way to connect with strangers. ChatRoulette is a free video chatting service that connects users with strang ( Full Answer )

Why won't chatroulette start?

It depends. Maybe it's your Flash that is not up to date! Maybe it's your webcam or maybe the website is down! You could try on Facebuzz.com! I go there instead of chatroulette! a bit faster and it a lot stable!

Is chatroulette safe?

Not really but it does have a new safety feature which doesnt allow children to see sex or violence!

On chatroulette why do people ask to see your feet?

Either because they are trying to get you to do something goofy, make you you aren't spam or a video, or because they think feet are pretty. It's mostly harmless but some girls don't like the idea of foot pervs getting off on it.

What is a chatroulette alternative?

chatroulette alternatives are other optional chatroulettes lets say if you get banned from chatroulette and want to check out some other chatroulette sites or you get tired of chatroulette and want other chatroulette sites you can search for a chatroulette alternative. The best chatroulette alternat ( Full Answer )

What kind of bait do Mullet like on the app Flick Fishing?

They LOVE Ragworms. Bait fish is OK, but they wont bite as much, and they wont weigh as much. If you want to catch Hoff (The monster mullet), You need to use ragworms in the breakwater. He's rare but if you dont get him you'll probably still catch a mullet.

Are there apps like flip4cash?

There is giggle where you watch tv and get points to win prizes, but that's not to similar, otherwise no.

Is there a app like garage band?

If you mean app, as in iPhone app, there is Blip Interactive's Nanostudio. If you mean a program for Windows, Steinberg's Sequel 2 is close.

Is there an IPod app that can edit pics like Picnik does?

There is indeed many apps that can edit pictures like picnik. I don't think picnik has an app yet, but I have always used an app called Labelbox, or Live FX lite/pro, Highlightcam, Or picture magic. If you would like to look at more apps like these, select categories in the itunes app store, then cl ( Full Answer )

What app is like Temple Run?

Running fred, oven break, gravity guy If you like running Fred" there is another app called falling fred

What app is like wattpad?

Copia is similar or Kobo the only difference is hat you have to pay for the proper published titles like Hunger Games and 50 shades of Greg.

What apps are like simsimi?

One is daidai, it doesn't work on my ipod though, it always crashes. But there is one for $0.99 names cleverbot.

What is an iPod App that is like Siri?

Try Evi! It is just like Siri. You can either write or speak to it. But it is a little slow. It is only $0.99 in the app store. Best Siri competitor ever!!!!!

Are there any other apps like Spotify?

Hi umm there is an app called pabdora but it does not play music on demand it plays music similar to what u want to listen to though I am looking for one myself lol

Is there an app like body symbol for android?

Yes, body symbol is now available for androids. Although, the front camera doesn't work and it's not as great as in the iphone. It always Force Closes

Is there a blackberry app like Minecraft?

I don't have a blackberry myself but a lot of my friends do and so do some people in my family, and i have not yet seen any apps like Minecraft on the app store, so I'm guessing that it's a no. :(

What app makes photos look like they are in space?

Depends on what you mean by "look like they are in space" and the quality of work you expect to produce. Photoshop or any other photo editing program that has layers and a path tool or masking (like GIMP or Paint Shop Pro) can allow you to cut a subject out and composite it with a photo of outer ( Full Answer )

Are there more games on app store like Clash of Clans?

Yes, there is Boom Beach, which is made by the same developer asClash. There is also Dominations, which is similar, but has somedifferent aspects such as hunting and gathering added in. some others , just as, 【1】Clash of zombiesitunes.apple.com/us/app/nozomi-clash-of-zombies/id608847384?mt ( Full Answer )

What is the app that makes chibis like on Instagram?

Supposedly, kids are using apps like Drawcast and Superimpose to make these Chibi's, but Drawcast glitches a lot and doesn't work properly. Some kids have resorted to screenshotting blank Chibi templates and editing them with the Paint program on their computers.

What are apps like Clash of Clans for android?

Apps like clash of clans for the android are in the play store. These apps include the battles, fight fun, crazy fights, throw hands, and many more in the recommendations.

What is a app that gives you free Instagram likes?

There are some mobile apps that are designed for different platform likes Android phones, Java phones, iPhone etc. If you download these apps on your phone than you may be able to get more no. of Instagram likes and followers. Actually instagram makes it easy to create stunning photos that make you ( Full Answer )

Are there any free apps like superimpose?

There are a few but superimpose is the best one, most of them cost money but if you need one you can get the bad ones like :cut me in :lol camera They aren't so good but they're free.The reason superimpose is the best one is because its easy to remove the picture and paste it on another one.Maybe if ( Full Answer )

What are the reviews like for the MagicJack Android app?

The reviews for the MagicJack Android are very good. One can look in consumer report magazines or at website reviews and ratings and will find the reviews to be very favourable towards this product.