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Q: What architectural characteristic distinguished Renaissance architecture from medieval architecture?
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What is St Peter's basilica architectural style?

Renaissance architecture, Baroque architecture

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How did Italian Renaissance architects depart from Gothic architectural design?

Renaissance architecture was a dominant style between the 15th and 16th centuries. The emphasis on symmetry and proportion marked a return to classical Roman architecture it followed the Gothic architectural period (late medieval). which had moved away from Romanesque architecture. Instead favoring the pointed arch and buttresses favored in ecclesiastical buildings.

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Who was the British architect who brought Italian architecture to Britain?

There wasn't a specific person who brought Italian architecture the Britain. The first forms of Italian architecture ever present in Britain would have been the Roman architecture brought over by the Romans themselves. Following the Norman conquest of 1066, the Norman-French fabricated a style of architecture for their own use, and one that was based on Ancient Roman architectural forms. This style was of course called Romanesque Architecture. During the Victorian Era, England formulated and built in a style called Italianate Architecture, which was a compilation of Ancient Roman, Italian Renaissance, and other Italian architectural styles. Lastly, in the same era, Britain also adopted the European architectural form of Palladian Architecture/Palladianism, an Italian architectural system created by and named after the world famous Italian architect Andrea Palladio, and created by a combination of Ancient Roman, Italian Renaissance, and his own innovative and inventive architectural uses. The English architects Indigo Jones and John Nash were two of the best known importers and proponents of Italian architectural forms and styles throughout Britain.

How has art influenced architecture?

The Renaissance influenced architecture and art.

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