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Getting louder and louder is an Englislh equivalent of 'crescendo'. It's the present participle of the infinitive 'crescere', which means 'to grow, to increase'. The present participle is pronounced 'KREH-sheh-doh'.

Getting softer and softer is an English equivalent of 'diminuendo'. It's the present participle of the infinitive 'diminuire', which means 'to decrease'. The present participle is pronounced 'dee-mee-noo-EHN-doh'.

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Q: What are 'crescendo' and 'diminuendo' in English?
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What the meaning of diminuendo?

Both "diminuendo" and "decrescendo" ( < ) signal a musician to get quieter in playing. To get louder is "crescendo" ( > ).

Is the harpischord incapable of crescendo and diminuendo?

A crescendo can be brought out by a harpsichord, however it is a more abrupt change of dynamics than in a piano.

How do you make crescendo an antonym?

"crescendo" in Italian means "growing". In music, what is "grows" is the volume. Therefore the antonym is "diminuendo", meaning "lowering" (the volume).

A gradual decrease in loudness is known as?

A gradual decrease in loudness is known as either a decrescendo (dee-cress-SHEN-doe) or a diminuendo(dim-in-you-EN-doe). These can be abbreviated as decresc.and dim. respectively and are often shown as a stretched-out > sign.

What is crescendo followed by diminuendo?

Not always. Sometimes the dynamic of the music escalates and then stays at that new dynamic for the remainder of the song. Most of the time, however, there is a diminuendo following the creschendo.

Because of their interest in expressing shades of emotion classical composers frequently used?

gradual dynamic change (crescendo and diminuendo).

What is the opposite of crescendo?

The opposite of a Crescendo is a diminuendo (dim.) or decrescendo (decres.). It means gradually getting louder.

What is the word for somthing getting louder?

crescendo (cre-shen-do), a musical term meaning a gradual increase in sound, from soft to very lound.

What is 'crescendo' when translated from Italian to English?

Crescendo in Italian means "growing" in English.

What is the musical term for suddenly getting quieter?

decrescendoAlso consider;calando (k-länd)adv. & adj.MusicWith a gradual decrease in volume and often tempo. Used chiefly as a direction.

What does dim mean in musical terms?

It is short for diminuendo, which means gradually getting quieter. The opposite of this is crescendo (gradually getting louder, and it is sometimes written as cresc.)

What is 'gradually getting louder' when translated from English to Italian?

"Gradually getting louder" in English is crescendo in Italian.