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(1) I made a mess and now I'll use a Chlorox whipe to clean it up because it will evaporate quicker than water and leave no residue and kill bacteria.

(2) I am boiling some eggs and I have to wait 8 full minutes when they start to boils, ie. when the water is evaporating and generating steam.

(3) I take a shower in th morning and then I hang my towel back up to dry because the water absorbed in the towel will evaporate.

(4) I feel a little leakage in my underwear but I pay no attention to it because it will evaporate by the end of the day. (this could be a tampon if you're a girl)

(5) I'm outside jogging and I'm starting to sweat, but by the time I cool off, I'm dry because the sweat evaporated into the air.

(6) It's a hot day outside so I brought out a glass of water, but then forgot to bring it in. When I went back outside at night to retrieve the glass, it was even more empty than I last remembered because the water evaporated.

(7) I took the car through the car wash the other day and the dry cycle didn't completely work, but I didn't care because I knew on the drive home the rest of it would evaporate into the atmosphere.

(8) I was running across the parking lot to the car in the rain without an umbrella, but then I got into the car and turned on the heat so that the rain would evaporate off of my clothes.

(9) While watering the plants, the sidewalk got wet but it was dry in a few minutes because it was a hot day.

(10) When I walked outside today, I had a hard time handling the heat because the humidity was horrendous. Humidity is caused by water vapor in the air which stems from evaporated liquid water.

(11) I turned on the air conditioner and it blasted out cold air, but the back was filled with condensation on the outside. I didn't care because I knew it would go right back where it came from, the air.

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Q: What are 10 everyday examples of evaporation with meaning?
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