What are 10 fundamental duties?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What are 10 fundamental duties?
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Why are fundamental duties incorporated in Indian constitution when they are non justiciable?

the Fundamental Duties are non-justiciable. It means that the violation of fundamental duties, i.e. the non-performance of these duties by citizens is not punishable.

About Indian citizens fundamental duties?

Indian Fundamental Duties are not enforceable by law/court.

Can you prepare a chart on fundamental duties of a student in a school?

no, i can't prepare a chart on fundamental duties

What are the two fundamental duties of soft-PBX?

The two fundamental duties of a softPBX are call signaling and voice transmission

What is the source of fundamental duties in Indian constitution?

fundemental duties are derived from Russian constitution

What constitution of the world has fundamental duties enshrined in it?


What article of constitution deals with fundamental duties?

article 51

Importance of fundamental duties?

The importance of fundamental duties is that they define the moral obligations of all citizens to help in the promotion of the spirit of patriotism and to uphold the unity of India. However , they are not legally enforceable.

What other constitution except India has fundamental duties enshrined in it?


What is the basic content of Part - IV of Indian Constitution?

Fundamental duties

When Fundamental Duties were incorporated in the Indian constitution?

By 42nd amnendment act in 1976

What are the fundamental duties which insists conservation of resources?

nothing much i dont know