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He felt like he was digging his own grave

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  1. "Stanley's father was a good swimmer, but he wasn't the fastest fish in the sea."
  2. "The Warden's nail polish was as red as a stop sign."
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Q: What are 2 examples of similes in Holes?
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Does Holes have similes?


Is their similes in the book holes?

I would imagine there would be. There are similes in almost any book you pick.

Are similes and metaphors examples of imagery?


The phrase As brave as a lion and Crazy like a fox are examples of what?


What are the similes examples in Aunt Jennifer?

There are none.

What are the similes examples in Aunt Jennifer's tigers?

There are none.

Could anyone find any Similes or Metaphors in The Book Holes?

Yes, there are several examples of similes and metaphors in the book "Holes" by Louis Sachar. One example is "the lizards were like large beans with legs," which is a simile comparing the appearance of the lizards to beans. Another example is "the sky was a boiling kettle," which is a metaphor comparing the sky to a boiling kettle to convey its intense heat.

What are examples of similes and metaphors in the prologue of romeo and Juliet?

Star cross'd lovers and death mark'd love are examples of metaphors? No they are not. "Bury their parents' strife" maybe. There are no similes in the prologue.

What are examples of similes for worms?

the worm slimed as slow as a turtle

What are some Examples of similes in the book wonder?

Some examples of similes in the book "Wonder" include "My brain feels like a maze, and I have to figure it out." and "His face was as wide-eyed as a baby's on Christmas morning."

What are examples of silly similes?

That cat is as fast as a turkey on thanksgiving day.

What are 5 examples of a similes using as?

as quiet as a mouse as blue as the sky