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Q: What are 3 non-examples of thermal energy?
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What are nonexamples of energy?

everything that involves movement or sound has energy. Also other forms include thermal which is heat, electromagnetic which is light and microwaves, nuclear-bombs, and batteries etc. An example that has no energy and gives us none is a rock. :)

What three things does thermal energy depend on?

sex, oral, thermal. <3

What are three ways thermal energy can move?

3 ways thermal energy moves is by radiation, convection and conduction

What are 3 objects the have thermal energy?

a thermos, an objection, and an energy bar ^_^

What is the name of the thermal energy that moves from a warmer object to a cooler one?

"Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat"."Thermal energy" or "heat".

Which energy increases as temperature increases?

The thermal energy.The thermal energy.The thermal energy.The thermal energy.

What energy is the thermal energy?

Heat is a transfer of thermal energy.

How is heat different from thermal energy?

There is no particular difference between heat and thermal energy. Heat is a form of thermal energy. Since thermal energy is energy from heat, heat and thermal energy are basically the same thing.

What kind of things have thermal energy?

Most things have thermal energy. Thermal energy is comes from heat and therefore anything that can generate heat has thermal energy. All living things have thermal energy.

Is thermal is not a form of energy?

Thermal energy is the energy store within the bonds of atoms. It is heat.

What are two sources of thermal energy?

The two types of thermal energy sources are Geothermal and Thermal Energy

Is Thermal a energy?

"thermal energy" is a compound noun