What are 3 ways we can use friction?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What are 3 ways we can use friction?
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Name 3 common ways you may use to reduce friction?

Reduce contact surface in the direction of friction. Introduce lubrication. Reduce load acting upon the friction surface.

What are the ways of increasing and reducing friction?

TO REDUCE FRICTION: We can use fine powder on the carrom board to reduce friction

Give ways to decrease friction?

Its reduce by following ways By polishing the surface use lubricants by streamlining by air cushion by converting sliding friction in to rolling friction

What are 3 ways of decreasing friction in shoes?

3 ways of decreasing friction in shoes is to put in shoe cookies (shoe pads), bandaids, or stuff them with toilet paper.

What are some ways friction can be reduced?

Use lubricants and or bearings.lubricants AND 0IL

What are three ways to decrease friction?

use lubricants like grease and oil...

Describe three different ways to decrease the force of friction between two surfaces that are moving past each other?

Three ways to decrease the force of friction are- 1.)Polishing 2.)Lubrication 3.)Ball Bearings

What are the 3 ways in which friction can be reduced with examples?

using a lubricant as in cycles, polishing the surface as in knives, and a cooling agent that reduces the heat by friction..

What are 3 ways friction is useful?

It allows you to walk (with out friction between you and the floor this wouldn't be possible) It is needed for braking can be used to produce heat

3 ways of decreasing friction?

smooth surfaces rollerblades cooking spray in pans

Give the ways of increasing and reducing friction?

By making the surface rough for increasing friction....... use any lubricating material to reduce the friction.. use rollers to decrease the friction force.. make less contact between 2 connecting materials..

Two ways to reduce friction are to use what?

Reduce contacting surface area between the two objects, and to use lubrication.